Another recycled post from the old days… but this is a really good one…

It was called: Express yourself…


Here is another comic from my early days as an artist.

It is…(vaguely)… interesting for a few reasons…

My spelling was still atrocious, but my art skills were slowly improving, just from the time I spent doing it. It’s funny how that works.

Each piece of art you undertake reveals a little bit of your soul. You learn about art as art learns about you, sort of. You are reaching inside of yourself and drawing something out… (That was a pun)…

I was beginning to get in touch with my surreal side.

A comic is a wonderful thing, because it doesn’t really have to make any sense.

No one cares if you combine humor with politics and sci-fi aliens with animals. There are no rules.

Go ahead, write with cactus letters. No one will hold it against you.

Feel free to slip in some heavy messages camouflaged by the pretty pictures and bright colors. Things that would stand out if you said them in a conversation, and maybe shock your audience, might just make them think, if they don’t know that is what you are trying to make them do… Try reading the Pogo Possum comics of Walt Kelly. I think they are from the 1940s. The political humor is amazing. He is slamming the establishment from the mouths of the cute swamp creatures of Okefenokee swamp. Check it out.

I even threw in a free maze. What do you know?

Just freeform it. Let yourself go. Try some optical illusions. And draw lots of inanimate objects. The practice will always pay off.

I said this was interesting for a few reasons. One reason is that I actually finished this project before starting three or four more. Or so I thought, until I noticed that on the last page I promised to do a part two. And I never did. Oh well.

I do like the title. The Comic To End All Comics. Whatever mistakes my parents may have made raising us boys, low self-esteem was not one of them.

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Oh yeah, my older daughter posted this on Facebook…


My dad has 2,335 followers on his blog.

I can’t get over the fact that 2,335 people looked at the crazy inner workings of my dad’s brain and thought, “YES! More of this, please!”


She also added a link to this blog. That is the best backhanded compliment I ever got from a twenty-something-year-old!

Also, in unrelated Facebook news, I found this picture of Willie…

a 1 a 1




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Never let anyone tell you what to do… uh… except for me… telling you this…

Ha! See what I did there?

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Here is a post I did way back when I was just starting out… and I sort of can’t believe that I did it…

It was called: Oh yeah, Baby…


If you love me, go down. Come on, don’t be shy.

That’s it. That feels good. Scroll down a little more.

Read all my words. There are no secrets between us. We can share all our deepest thoughts. Read it. Just like that. When you click my older posts button I go crazy.

Don’t just skim the words and glance at the pictures. I want you to take it all in. I need you to feel the real me. Don’t make me beg. I know it’s long, but I swear you’ll like it if you give it a chance. I would never hurt you, baby.

Taste my tastefulness. Absorb my wit and charm. Tell me what parts you like, and I promise I’ll do more posts just the way you like it.

You can trust me. If I say I am going to come over to your blog soon, I really mean it. I’m not like those other guys. I know you’ve been hurt before. I know you are vulnerable and lonely, but I would never lie to you just to get what I want. I’m not like that.

I feel your eyes on me. I feel you soaking up my past.. Oh, keep going.. Yeah, just like that. Read me fast…

I’m going to blog all over you… I will fill you with my posts… Follow me, baby, follow me…

Oh, that was great. I hope it was good for you, too.

I am going to go outside and have a smoke.


Sorry about that. I was just trying to make a point in an amusing way. We are all blog-tramps to some degree. Not much of a point, but there you have it.

Now, just to make sure you weren’t faking it, please answer the following questions;

1. How many brothers do I have?

2. What kind of animal statue were we all sitting on when we were little?

3. What did my parents put in my playpen besides me?

4. What was the name of the Sea Scout boat that I almost died on?

5. What are the names of my two daughters?

7. What famous toy was the subject of my first computer art class project?

8. Why would Conan the barbarian be a good babysitter? (In the form of an essay, please).

Just kidding. You don’t have to take the quiz.

But if you do, and you get them all right, I am going to have a bloggasm…

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I think we should think about thinking…

I like to think about stuff. I mean, I’m not saying I am particularly good at it, but I like to do it now and then anyway. Today, I was thinking, and that got me thinking… it got me thinking about thinking.

I think it is awesome that the ancient Greeks came up with the idea of philosophy. Just think about that. These philosophers actually made a living by sitting around and thinking about stuff. Some of them seemed to be pretty good at it, judging by what they wrote down, but even that is subject to some disagreement. It depends mostly, I suppose, upon whether or not you agree with any one particular statement they made. And honestly, sometimes it seems to come down to just how clever a statement sounds, and not how much sense it makes or even if it is right or wrong.

So, just out of curiosity, how much time do you spend thinking on an average day? I don’t mean thinking about work, or stuff you have to do. I mean just plain, good-old-fashioned thinking.

The more I think about thinking, the more I think that maybe I don’t think about thinking often enough.

Thinking is more of a complex issue than I realized when I blindly set off to write about it. I should have thought this through. I mean, we spend all day thinking about something. Sometimes we do it so much that we need to take a break. That is why TV was invented. And beer. And maybe sleep.

But how much of what we think about is what we want to think about? How much of it is important or enlightening?

What the heck is thinking?

I am a writer… well, I’m also a musician, song writer, poet, wood carver, painter, and a bunch of other stuff. Writing fiction, especially science fiction, requires quite a bit of thought. I have to think up characters and situations that aren’t like any that I ever heard of or read about. If you think that is easy, go ahead and try it… no, it’s okay, we will wait, come up with a description of an alien that is in no way based on anything you are already aware of. Not as easy as it seems, is it?

Creativity and thinking are inextricably intertwined, but they aren’t quite the same thing… at least I don’t think they are. Obviously this is going to be one of those situations where I start writing and assume that I am going to come to some kind of dramatic conclusion, some kind of breakthrough or incredible bit of brilliance, but where I instead just sort of dance around the words and discover absolutely nothing new of even useful.

But here is the thing… of course there is a thing, I always have a thing… As I said earlier, I might not be good at thinking, but I do have one thing going for me. I have a brain that doesn’t work like most of the other brains on this planet. So, while my thinking might not be particularly good, it is unusual. It lets me look at things from perspectives that other brains don’t. It lets me think about things in ways that other brains wouldn’t bother to. And really, isn’t that what philosophy is? The idea that we can look at everyday situations and make something new out of them, take common words and combine them in new ways, take common thoughts and turn them into something deeper?

I leave you with one final thought on thought… which is funny if you think about it… It is possible to lock yourself in a dark room, with no external input whatsoever, and, using just your brain, come up with absolutely new ideas just by bouncing the old ideas around inside your cranium. If, to this incredible ability we all have, you add the new ideas that are constantly bombarding you as you go about your day, there is magic in our skulls. And we are only using ten percent of our brains, or so they tell us. I guess all I am saying is that we should all remember to think. Maybe we can stop just letting it happen and make it happen. Maybe we can all train our brains and become even better at thinking than we already are. Maybe that other 90 percent is just waiting for us to start using it. And who knows where the next idea that changes all our lives might come from?

Just think about that.


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Dear Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, I have some good news, and I have some bad news…

It turns out that yes, it’s true, there are 72 virgins waiting for you in paradise if you martyr yourself.

The bad news is that they all got to paradise by being blown up or shot… by other Islamic fundamentalist terrorists… and they are not happy about it…

Good luck with that.

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I don’t mean to be a name dropper… but I know some pretty famous people…

a 1 a 1

People you would recognize… you know… if I was actually tacky enough to come right out and mention them…

a 1 a 2

But even I am not that shameless. Celebrities deserve their private lives.

a 1 a 3

And who am I to intrude on that?

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